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The High Dials

The High Dials

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  • Montreal

Trevor Anderson has made a name for himself as a songwriter in the international indie rock scene over a 20-year career. 


In addition to uniquely romantic and bittersweet pop songs that have won loyal fans and critical acclaim, Trevor composes instrumental music for film and television. He recently wrote, performed and produced his first solo album “Sphaera” - the score to the critically-acclaimed documentary “Let There Be Light” (Eye Steel Film). The film has appeared in festivals worldwide since its spring 2017 release, including SXSW, Hot Docs and Docs Barcelona, winning the Artistic Vision Award at Big Sky Festival.

Trevor’s film music influences include John Barry, Morricone, Hammer films and old sci-fi and erotic scores in combination with the first-wave electronica of bands like Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd, which he combines to create uniquely fresh-sounding psychedelic tapestries.


Trevor’s next film project is a Quebec-France co-production feature film called “État Sauvage”, set in Civil War-era southern Unites States.


Trevor is also known to music fans as the founder and main creative force behind The High Dials – a band that blends 60’s folk rock with electro pop – creating wall-of-sound music with swirling guitars, three-part harmonies and hypnotic grooves. 


The band made their international debut via NYC-based Rainbow Quartz Records in 2003. Hailed by the likes of NME, Spin and Brooklyn Vegan, they have a deep back catalogue and extensive tour history in both North America and the UK.


Highlights from The High Dials’ long live history include US and UK tours with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, support slots with Echo and the Bunnymen and Sloan, the Osheaga festival in Montreal and multiple appearances at various international events such as the Great Escape, In the City, CMJ and SXSW. In 2014, they toured the UK and headlined their first shows in Ireland. In 2015 they performed at festivals and clubs in Mexico and Colombia as part of their first Latin American tour. In 2018, they released the “Foreverish EP”. The band has also collaborated with original Rolling Stones manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham.


Several songs written by Trevor for the band currently feature in the hit Netflix series House of Cards. Others have appeared in multiple TV shows and films, including national ad campaigns for the CFL and Rogers.