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Yan Etchevary

Yan Etchevary

  • Membre #3365
  • Auteur-Compositeur-Interprète-Musicien
  • Site Internet
  • Montreal

With his debut Solo radio single « Think of you » Yan Etchevary is set to make a statement. After all the achievements he was able to get in 2016 as a featured artist, Yan is now ready to release music on his own.


In 2011, with the illustrious halls of the Pop and Jazz Vocal program offered at the prestigious Canadian Campus Notre-Dame-De-Foy. Yan learned everything he needed to launch himself as a recording artist. Following his studies at CNDF, Yan, a young singer from the Magdelen Island decided to move to Montreal to focus on his musical career.


Yan’s adventure began with the group June21, which gained a certain provincial notoriety with their song « A Little Bit Stronger ». Yan’s dream soon took wing however in december 2015 with the release of the song « Lucky Rose (feat. Yan Etchevary – The Way You Want Me ». The song was not only nominated at Canadian Music Week for the Heatseeker Award, it was also picked up and signed by Ultra Records, a label (with a stable that includes industry giants the likes of Calvin Harris, Avicii and David Guetta) and resulting in 10 million + plays on Spotify and sales around the world.

  • 1st single « The Way You Want Me » was signed to Ultra Records

  • 1st single « The Way You Want Me » has more than 10 million streams on Spotify

  • 1st single « The Way You Want Me » peaked at #30 (CHR) & #32 (HotAC)

  • 1st single The Way You Want Me » peaked at #16 on the Billboard « Emerging Canadian artist »

  • 1st single « The Way You Want Me » has more than 11.5K spins on canadian radio

  • Nominated for the Heatseeker award at the 2016 Canadian Radio Music Awards at CMW

  • Nominated for « Best new artist/group » at the 2017 Canadian Radio Music Awards at CMW