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Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala

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Stephanie Hamelin Tomala is a composer, violinist, pianist and singer with a dual citizenship (American and Canadian). Versatile composer, she can write in any musical genres. She has written music of over 60 short films, 2 feature documentaries, a feature TV show and a TV movie. Area 51, What's Within, Final Curtain, Orboros, Fermata (FNC), My invisible Mother (TIFF TOP TEN), With a thousand eyes and Femmes sourdes dites-moi…/Death women told me… are movies for which Stephanie has composed the music and they have made their mark in film festivals around the world. She also won 4 AWARDS with the SOCAN foundation in 2018 and 2019 for best original music for the animation film Area 51 and best original music for the fiction film What's Within in 2018, For best original score for the fiction Final Curtain and best original score for the animation film Orboros in august 2019. Final Curtain was also a WINNER in the music score category at the Burbank International film festival, California, in 2019. Her orchestral piece ''Ceremonial Tribute to Krakow'' is nominated in the Contemporary/Classical instrumental category at the Hollywood Music in Media awards 2021.

Her music was noticed in festivals and competitions like SOCAN Foundation, String Quartet SmackDown competition in Texas, Accès Arkéa, Open Ears Festival in Ontario, the Intercultural Orchestra of Montreal competition and the courts métrages 3/4 de Cinéma à la Scène Nationale de Valenciennes competition (France) in 2016 where she won best music. Some of her arrangements and compositions have been featured on network television such as Radio-Canada, Canal Savoir and Unis Tv.

Stephanie is currently working remotely as a film music composer artist for the company Velvet Green Music based in Santa Monica, California. Since january 2019, she is a lecturer at University of Quebec in Montreal for the Principles of pop music language class. She also worked on 2 recent albums, Les prêtres and Désormais; Hommage à Charles Aznavour(both albums are NOMINATED AT THE GALA L'ADISQ in the category Album of the year-Reinterpretation) as an orchestral arranger. The albums were produced by the famous quebec singer Mario Pelchat. Recently, she was also selected as a composer at the film music masterclass directed by the oscar winner composer Stephen Warbeck during the International film festival of Aubagne, France in march 2018. She also had the amazing opportunity of beeing chosen for the first SESAC SCORE workshop where she was mentored by award winning composers such as Christophe Beck (Ant-man, Frozen, The edge of tomorow) and Chris Bacon (Bates Motel, Source code) in july 2018. She also got the opportunity of beeing selected for another SESAC SCORE workshop aimed for TV composers with mentor composer Danny Lux (Grey's Anatomy, Mansfield) and Christophe Beck in july 2019.  Selected for the Los Angeles film conducting intensive in 2019 as an auditor, she got to learn from the best in the industry such as Maestro Angel Velez, Conrad Pope, William Ross, Emilie Bernstein, Carl Rydlund and Maestro Jorge Mester. In may 2019, she won a Grant explore and create: professionnal developpment for artists from the CANADA COUNCIL OF ARTS for the Los Angeles film conducting intensive workshop she attended. at the Eastwood scoring stage in the Warner Bros Studios.

In 2013, she completed her Bachelors’ degree in music composition at the University of Montreal followed by a second graduation in June 2015 at the University of Quebec in Montreal where she obtained a post-graduate degree DESS in film scoring. She completed a master’s degree in instumental composition under the direction of Denis Gougeon at the University of Montreal in 2017. She also had the opportunity of studying film scoring and orchestration in 2016 at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Lyon, France with Gilles Alonzo as mentor and teacher.
















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